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613 Restaurant Mincha Minyan

108 Prospect Street  
Stamford, CT 06901 USA

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 20605

Updated: 5/28/2018

Agudath Sholom - Minyan Image

Agudath Sholom

301 Strawberry Hill Avenue  
Stamford, CT 06902 USA

Rabbi: Rabbi Daniel Cohen

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 2774

Updated: 11/7/2014

Chabad of Stamford - Minyan Image

Chabad of Stamford

770 High Ridge Rd.  
Stamford, CT 06905 USA

Rabbi: Rabbi Yisroel Deren

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 6729

Updated: 4/14/2015

no image available

Oorah - Zone II

123 Scotch Valley Rd  
Stamford, NY 12167 USA

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 8277

Updated: 7/22/2015

no image available

Torah Learning Center

1776 Bedford St  
Stamford, CT 06905 USA

Rabbi: Akiva Attar

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 20288

Added: 3/20/2017

Young Israel of Stamford - Minyan Image

Young Israel of Stamford

69 Oaklawn Avenue   
Stamford, CT 06905  USA

Rabbi: Rabbi Eli Kohl

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 838

Updated: 2/28/2018

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