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 Result/s for “toronto”:

Agudah - Minyan Image


129 Mcgillavry Ave  
Toronto, ON M5M 2Y7 Canada

Rabbi: Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Lowy

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 2457

Updated: 5/28/2018

Agudah South - Minyan Image

Agudah South

2941 Bathurst St.  
Toronto, ON M6B 3B2  Canada

Rabbi: Rabbi Uri Kaufman

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 6337

Updated: 8/15/2012

no image available

All Seniors Care

175 Bloor Street East, South Tower Suite 601  
Toronto, ON M4W 3R8 Canada

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 1795

Updated: 6/23/2010

no image available

Back Room Minyan

1700 Bathurst Street Education Wing of Beth Tzedec Synagogue
Toronto, Ontario   Canada

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 11468

Updated: 12/27/2012

no image available

Bais Dov Yosef

3407 Bathurst Ave   
Toronto , ON M6A2C1 Canada

Rabbi: Rabbi Avrohom Bartfeld

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 11632

Updated: 5/30/2012

no image available

Bais Medrash Zichron Shneur

2801 Bathurst Street   
Toronto, ON   Canada

Rabbi: Rabbi Dovid Pam

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 2597

Updated: 8/15/2012

no image available

Bais Medrash Zichron Yitzchak

3197 Bathurst  
Toronto , Ontario    Canada

Rabbi: Rabbi Chaim Dovid Kulik

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 19935

Updated: 7/30/2017

no image available

Baycrest Terrace - Beth Avraham Yosef

55 Ameer Avenue  
Toronto, ON   Canada

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 16506

Updated: 8/9/2017

no image available

Bet Yoseph Moroccan Congregation

1003 Steeles Ave W (Bernard Betel Centre)
Toronto, ON   Canada

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 2429

Updated: 10/1/2011

no image available

Beth Jacob Toronto

147 Overbrook Place  
Toronto, ON M3H4L6 Canada

Rabbi: Rabbi Dov Schochet

Minyan Details

Minyan ID# 17394

Added: 5/3/2013

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